Platform (As of January 7, 2020)

  1. Facilitate the components of the Energy Transition Act – specifically the renewable portfolio standards. (Updated Jan 30th - Supreme Court rules that ETA applies)
  2. Transform the PRC.
    1. Create a proactive, not reactive organization.
    2. Allow the PRC to retain funding collected from regulated entities.
    3. Call for benefits and salary reform for PRC employees.
    4. Eliminate the high vacancy rate and target chronic, vacant positions.
    5. Evaluate reducing the number of exempt positions.
    6. Re-organize the chief of staff’s office to reduce the number of direct reports.
    7. Create and include additional PRC staff positions to handle the implementation of the ETA in the PRC budget.
    8. Add industry and market experts to assist commissioners with staying abreast of developmental and technological changes in the ever-changing telecommunications and utility industries.
  3. Create a strategy for the full implementation of recently-passed, State legislation to expand the electrification of transportation vehicles and equipment that transports goods and people. Establish rules and ensure infrastructure funding impacts are mitigated.
  4. Ensure fire, motor carrier, and pipeline safety are paramount and never compromised.
  5. Restore and expand consumer protection in PRC proceedings in partnership with the NM Attorney General’s Office and the Governor’s Office.
  6. Call for a bold strategic plan and more funding for the Renewable Energy Transmission Authority.
  7. Strongly advocate for State legislation to provide accessible and affordable community solar. Champion a pilot program as a precursor to community solar legislation.
  8. Establish a high-level, institutionalized forum with the express goal of continuous improvement of our State’s regulatory environment of the utility, motor carrier, and telecommunications industries led by the PRC in collaboration with the executive and legislative branches of our government.
  9. Ensure regulation and inspections of transportation network companies are fully funded.