Joseph Maestas

Democrat|Public Regulation Commission District 3

Engineer. Public Servant. Reformer



Let’s walk our path together towards a clean energy future where our economy is strong and diverse; our environment clean, and our conscience firm in knowing that future generations of New Mexicans will understand and appreciate our actions today.


My Plan

Fight For Fair and Reasonable Utility Rates and Services

As a native New Mexican committed to helping people, I will use my skill set as a trained problem solver and passion for public service to ensure utility rates are just and absolutely necessary.  I will ensure that rural New Mexico has equitable access to reliable and quality utility and telecommunication services.


Reform, Stabilize, and Professionalize the PRC

I am committed to help transform the PRC into a model, proactive regulatory organization that is adequately funded and has administrative processes that are streamlined, employees that are respected; and a work environment that is team-oriented and professional. I will fight for employee salary, benefits, and career ladders that are competitive with the private sector.


Fairly and Fully Implement the Energy Transition Act (ETA)

I will help facilitate the full implementation of the ETA and stake New Mexico’s place as a leader in the transition to 100% renewable energy without disproportionately impacting ratepayers. I will work to ensure investor-owned utilities and electric cooperatives meet the renewable portfolio standards in the ETA.


Transform the Renewable Energy Market Into An Economic Driver

I will push for strategic and bold plans to guide and support the renewable energy market towards responsible growth to dramatically reduce our State’s dependence on oil and gas revenues.


Foster Collaboration Between the PRC and the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government

I will work hard to create an atmosphere of routine collaboration and dialogue among PRC Commissioners and appropriate members of the executive and legislative branches of government to:

  • Ensure ratepayers’ interests are adequately represented in PRC proceedings,
  • Create a continuous improvement process of our State’s regulatory environment, and
  • Anticipate and keep pace with rapid developments in the utility, telecommunications, and transportation industries.


Continue Developing the Needed Elements for Our Transition to a Clean Energy Future

I will do my part to prepare the PRC for the full implementation of key State legislation to modernize our electric grid, provide adequate infrastructure for the electrification of transportation vehicles, and incentivize utility customer energy efficiency programs through utility rate de-coupling (Sets the revenue needed to cover known or fixed utility costs and allows rates to change with consumption to meet the revenue target.). I will also work with stakeholders to establish comprehensive, equitable community solar programs.